Intelligent travel?

There aren’t that many places on the internet where you can find good quality travel writing, and one of the best is Travel Intelligence. This sprawling site is part travel resource, part booking site and part features agency. A number of excellent travel writers have work on here, including William Dalrymple, Amar Grover and AA Gill.

One of the best writers on the site, and a close friend of mine is Mark Eveleigh. A modern day adventurer, he has trekked across the badlands of Madagascar and through the jungles of Borneo, where he lost a great deal of weight and picked up a local tattoo.

Mark lives in the Spanish town of Pamplona – made famous by Hemingway in The Sun Also Rises. Consequently as a local, he has run the encirro or bull-run, dozens of times, most recently getting somewhat stomped! I have done the Pamplona fiesta with Mark and can safely (safely?) say that it is one of the best parties of my life!

Mark writes about Pamplona in Part of the Stampede. He continues the Hemingway theme in Overlanding Uncovered. There is also an excerpt from his book Maverick in Madagascar (published by Lonely Planet Journeys) called Journey Into The Red Zone. His tale about trekking through the jungle is called Fever Trees of Borneo. Both are available through Amazon.

Over the next few weeks I will highlight the work of some of the other great writers on Travel Intelligence – watch this space!

Words and Pamplona images © Steve Davey 2007

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