Drive, she said. In an RV.

I’m going through a major RV lust phase right now.  Really.  And I’m not even an old geezer.

The freedom of driving everywhere with a mini version of my house right with me is quite appealing.  I love road trips, but it does get old shelling out the dinero for hotel and meal expenses every day.  Maybe I’ve also been influenced by the awesome motorhomes that I see when I cover drag racing and NASCAR events; now there’s some mobile real estate bling.  I don’t want a huge beast or giant trailer; just something comfy enough for Sainted Husband and I.

Whoops, I have two kids and four cats.

Dang.  Guess I can keep reading the Texas RV Travel blog for in-state inspiration, or see how Brits with kids managed RV travel in the U.S. The Dutch (and not just the older ones) are well known in Europe as “caravan” enthusiasts when they go on holiday.

Meantime, we have RV expertise right here in the Perceptive Travel universe….Phil and Carol White, authors of “Live Your Road Trip Dream,” were chosen as National Spokespeople for 2007 for the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA.)  You may remember Carol as the author of “The Qi of China” in the March/April 2007 issue of Perceptive Travel magazine.

In their new capacity, Carol and Phil will speak to the media on RVing related topics as well as representing RVIA at the National AARP Convention in Boston in September.  The Whites were chosen to represent the baby boomer demographic, which now owns more RVs than any other group.

Oh, stop sniggering, you young ones. You’ll be there yourself soon enough. I’m amazed to find that some of the articles in the AARP Magazine are actually pretty interesting — who better than country music icon George Jones, for example, to show us a bit of Nashville?  Well, maybe our own PT editor Tim Leffel, a Nashville native who’s written about searching for secrets on the country music highway.

Congrats to Carol (and Phil) from the PT crew.


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