Welcome to the May 2015 issue of Perceptive Travel online magazine, home to the best travel stories from wandering book authors.

See the table of contents to the right for what we have in store for you this month. James Dorsey is back with a harrowing tale that goes beyond your normal volcano hike. Marco Ferrarese has another tale of woe, but this one on what happens when the one road between towns washes out in a remote Tibetan area. My tale is quite a bit sunnier, on communing with giant sea creatures off the coast of the Baja Peninsula.

William Caverlee is back with detailed reviews of notable new travel books, while Graham Reid highlights some world music albums from multiple continents.


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We hand out cool travel gear and other prizes each month to our loyal readers. Congratulations to male reader Don and female reader Carolyn: they'll be receiving some nice new Sport Mesh travel underwear from ExOfficio!. Why did they win and you didn't? Well partly because they took the time to enter...

This month we're giving away something else useful: two sets of Pro Packing Cubes. We'll be giving away a 4-piece set to one winner and a 5-piece set to another.

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Looking for a travel story that appeared in a previous issue? Dive into the Perceptive Travel Archives, where you can find everything that has appeared here since our debut.

For some new material between issues, see the Perceptive Travel Blog.

Happy trails!

- Tim Leffel, Editor

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