Welcome to the new September issue of Perceptive Travel online magazine, home to the best travel stories on the web from wandering book authors.

In this month's issue we dive into two areas where few foreigners have tread, then visit one where they hope to attract a lot more tourists via the wonders of newly legalized combustibles.

Camille Cusumano worked to get a program going in a rough neighborhood of Nairobi that teaches the tango in a church social hall. Christian principles don't apply when it comes to what happens to the funds, however. Michael Shapiro gets well off the beaten path in Burma, stumbling upon a two-day ceremony to annoint young boys as Buddhist monks. Becky Garrison checks in on a farmer in the Pacific Northwest who's ready to take advantage of changing laws, along with a lot of others chasing a "green gold" rush.


William Caverlee checks out a diverse set of travel books that take place on an aircraft carrier, from Everest to the sea, and through another coffee table list book from Lonely Planet. Graham Reid spins some new world music albums, including a couple great blast from the past anthologies.


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We hand out cool travel gear and other prizes each month to our loyal readers. Don L. from Alaska just scored a nice new pair of Pickpocket Proof Nylon Business Pants for keeping all his valuables safe on the road.

This month we're giving away something that could actually change your life in a big way. My new e-book is out and is called A Better Life for Half the Price: How to prosper on less money in the cheapest places to live. Two readers will get a free copy of the book (in any format), one will get the "Committed" Package that includes loads of extras—an $89 value. Get the details here.

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Looking for a travel story that appeared in a previous issue? Dive into the Perceptive Travel back issues where you can find everything that has appeared here since our debut.

For some new material between issues, see the Perceptive Travel Blog.

Happy trails!

- Tim Leffel, Editor

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