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The month of August is always the slowest for travel content sites. Instead of dreaming about future trips while they work, people are actually taking those trips. They're breathing new air and seeing new things instead of starting at the same computer or phone screen they always do.

So that, combined with the editor's house move and a book deadline, means we're not putting out new stories this month. Instead, we're presenting some great travel stories of ours that have won Best Travel Writing awards in 2015. You probably missed at least one of these from past issues so we're highlighting them again. Read, get immersed, and enjoy. In September we'll be back with a brand new batch of stories, plus new book and world music reviews.

Besides what you see linked in this issue, know that our contributors family includes a lot of greats. The 2015 anthology of Best Travel Writing from Travelers' Tales Publishing includes works from many who have graced our virtual pages: Stephanie Elizondo Griest, James Michael Dorsey, Jeff Greenwald, and Michael Shapiro. Meanwhile, you'll still find plenty of new material each week on the never-predictable Perceptive Travel Blog.

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Looking for a travel story that appeared in a previous issue? Dive into the Perceptive Travel Archives, where you can find everything that has appeared here since our debut.

Happy trails!

- Tim Leffel, Editor

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