Brian Spencer Bio
Brian Spencer treasures the stamps in his passport and is always anxious to earn more. After his first voyage abroad—to Berlin, Germany, also the first of many memorable trips with his best friend / wife / travel partner—his mother wrote him a sort-of congratulatory letter for officially becoming a citizen of the world. Since then he’s taken that to heart and had the great fortune to touch many more corners of the world, including Bangkok, Thailand, where he lived for 8 months in 2008-09, and moved back to (for a spell) in February 2011.

Currently a freelance travel writer and editor following 4 years as Travel Editor for (a New York Times company), Brian is also co-founder of Empty the Bench, where he writes about professional basketball and football. He probably eats too much sushi (but it’s so delicious and healthy!), doesn’t get to see the family back in Detroit, MI, as much as he’d like to, and has a sweet cat named Taj who doesn’t enjoy dieting. At all.

He relocated to Singapore in July 2012. More on this amazingly handsome man at