If you’ve been thinking about taking a road trip across the USA but are short on time and money, then this short ten minute time-lapse film might have to do instead.

Using a variety of photographic techniques – slow motion, tilt shift, aerial – from multiple filmmakers, Mount Airy Films have put together an amazing journey that highlights America’s best natural and manmade wonders. From the hills of San Francisco to the high rises of New York and everything in between, it’s a visual cornucopia of everything that’s good about America.

A word of warning – watching the film will do nothing to reduce the urge to take a road trip. In fact, it will most likely increase the urge tenfold.

Called ‘Americana’, this film is actually part of the Mount Airy Films ambitious ‘5 Year Film Project’ that aims to collect and showcase even more breathtaking footage from around the world.

Keen travelling filmmakers might also be interested to learn that there is an open call to submit footage for this project (guidelines)


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