In Christchurch, the main topic of conversation this past couple of weeks has been whether or not the Christchurch Cathedral can be saved.

Severely damaged in the February 2011 earthquake, this iconic cathedral has been slated for demolition in the coming months, a decision that has been greeted with sadness and sorrow by many.

After all, for over one hundred years, the cathedral has been a Christchurch landmark, featured on thousands upon thousands of postcards and tourist photographs.

On it’s steps, locals and visitors listened to the Wizard, the Bible Lady, and others. Every summer, it was the backdrop to the Buskers Festival and the Festival of Flowers.

But that was BQ – before the quakes.



Now, the Christchurch Cathedral is but a shell of it’s former self and what’s left looks like it could easily crumble with the touch of a hand.

(photo credits Liz Lewis) 

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