US map made of neon and TVs (courtesy davidrossharris at Flickr CC)

If I could spend a day going all over the US, with instant transport from one place to another and an unlimited budget, here is where I’d go and what I’d do in 2012….some of these places I discovered in 2011, others I’ve known for a long time and one I’ve never visited….


Wake up at:

Breakfast at:

Spend the morning:


Feeling seafood-ish for my midday meal at:


Afternoon spent:

Mid-afternoon snack:



  • Key West, Florida or
  • Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California

Dinner at:

Wrap it up with:

  • WaterFire in Providence, Rhode Island or
  • YOUR recommendation down in the comments! Give us some ideas, from anywhere in the US, for an evening activity.

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