My First Year as a Perceptive Traveler

It’s been a year since I’ve started blogging here at Perceptive Travel.  I interviewed Tim a few weeks ago for our Writers at Work series (since he wrote a fab story for the webzine — interview is coming soon, I promise!) and after we were done with that business, I think I might have told him that I would pay him to blog here if he wasn’t paying me, because it’s so much fun.

I probably shouldn’t have said that. Tim, please don’t stop paying me.

Since you’ve now no doubt realized by now that I am wont to reflect, I just looked back over my archive from this past year to see what I’ve wrought. Since our format here is no format at all, I’ve been able to indulge my curiosity in a wide variety of topics, from the average lifespan of a redwood tree to the psychological effects of music, while sharing stories from my travels which have taken me to Asia, Australia, throughout North America — also to Europe, which, alas, does not start with the letter A.

I’m also considering whether this gig has made me travel in a different way. I’ve always been given to curiosity and on my travels have cherished the discovery of odd facts as my greatest souvenirs.  But blogging here has enhanced my curiosity,  made me pay even more careful attention to small moments, questions and oddities — because I know I’ll find use for them here.  If anything, I think writing here each has week has miniaturized my attention,  because I’ve realized that an event that took mere minutes, and sometimes even seconds to unfold on the road, can inspire writing for years to come.

And that means that every second holds the potential for inspiration, every moment counts.  Which of course it does for us all — wherever we are, and whether we’re writers or not.

Here’s are a few of my stories from this past year that you’ve made the most popular, by virtue of your attention and page views. Thank you. And I’m looking forward to another year of traveling perceptively.

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