Weekly Green Travel News Roundup.

National Geographic Adventure asks Is This the Golden Age of Green Travel?

Environmental Leader reports  Airlines Keen to Play Role in Global Climate Talks.

Environmental Leader also reports that those attending the recent Green Travel Summit identified the top 10 challenges they see preventing more green corporate travel.

The New York Times looks at touring Portland by bike and USA Today discusses America’s Best Bike Trails. Meanswhile, Bloomberg.com reports on how Pedal Power May Help New Zealand Lure Tourists, Revive Economy.

GreenMuze looks at this fun Rolling Stone Eco-Camper.

The Alternative Consumer reviews Biodegradable Shower Cap and Travel Booties from ecoLiving Essentials.

nature, travel and vacation highlights 10 Incredible Living Walls from around the world.

WebEcoist suggests traveling uplugged to these  15 Off-the-Grid Destinations.

Green destinations of the week: Seattle, Baltimore, and the state of Virginia


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