It’s Green Travel Carnival Time…

Welcome to the latest edition of the Green Travel Carnival.  Now that I’m no longer blogging over at Traveling the Green Way, the Green Travel Carnival will be hosted either here at Perceptive Travel or over at Write to Travel.  And if anyone is else is interested in hosting it, just leave a comment and we’ll set it up.

There’s some interesting posts in this edition. Having grabbed a coffee and sat down to read them all, I decided my favorite was the ‘zero waste road trip’.

Condo Blues shares how they managed to Save Travel Time and Money with a Zero Waste Road Trip based on the rules that “we will try not to generate trash that is disposed of in a trashcan while we’re driving from our house to our destination and back. Stuff we can’t recycle at our destination (because honestly I don’t know what they can or cannot recycle) we’re going to take home with us.”

marjorie from Green Thinking Blog suggests that Electric is the Way of the Future, saying, “The electric car is going to be quite the phenomenon in the coming years. California has been operating electric vehicle technology since 1994, include trucks, scooters, and sedans. If you are now in the market to look for a new vehicle, consider researching your alternatives further – in the long run, it could prove to be the more economical & wise decision.”

Ben from Grown Ass People presents Ecuador’s New Constitution First to Guarantee Rights to Nature, saying, “Ecuador’s new constitution is the first to grant unalienable rights to nature. This could encourage the nation’s developing eco-tourism industry as well as that of other countries if they follow suit.”

b_rage from AtlasSue looks at the Norwegian Cruise Line and it’s sustainabilty practices. Norwegian Cruise Line was recently named a finalist in Condé Nast Traveler magazine’s 2008 World Savers Awards.

And for those stuck at home and unable to travel at the moment, here’s a great list of general green tips by Sarah Scrafford from Organicasm that you can use to Make Your Kitchen More Earth-Friendly.

And that’s it for this edition of the a green travel carnival.

You can submit your green travel blog post to the next carnival (in two weeks) using our carnival submission form.

And if you want to read past posts and find out about future hosts, check out our blog carnival index page.

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