Perceptive Travel Plays Host to the Green Travel Carnival.

Welcome to the latest edition of the Green Travel Carnival.

Travel Rants starts the Green Travel Carnival off with some general tips on How to travel green, stressing the importance of getting the right balance.

Graham’s Travel Blog adds to these general suggestions with a list of 11 Usable Tips for Greener Traveling. It’s all simple things like ‘turning your lights and AC off before you leave’ and bringing a ‘travel mug’ to save on using the disposals at Starbucks. Small things really do make a difference.

Sherry from Geeky Traveller then introduces us to Whole Travel, a new website that lets you Book your travel with Green in mind.

And Liz (that’s me) from Traveling the Green Way looks at a new way to find green rental cars in the United States in Vroom, Vroom, Vroom Your Way Around.

And once you’ve hired your eco-friendly car, Cars for Girls tells us 10 Ways to Save On Gas and Improve Mileage.

Of course, traveling ‘green’ is not just about looking after the environment. It’s also about emersing yourself in the environment and community wherever you go. Go Green Travel Green gives us 10 Free Ways to Learn a Language, so that you can speak the lingo before you arrive at your destination.

As for sleeping green, Marilyn Terrell from Intelligent Travel suggests that if you are in Sweden, you could try Sleeping on Planes: The Jumbo Hostel, a newly opened jumbo jet that has been recycled as a hostel near the Stockholm airport.

And Ross Dulmaine from The Alternative Consumer reviews the Triton Hotel – In the Heart of San Francisco, saying, “This green hotel makes it a priority not to compromise the environment for luxury.”

Meanwhile, VikramKir from Thoughtfully Vikram… lists the Best Ten Holiday Destinations as chosen by the World Tourism Organisation.

Karen Bryan from Europe A La Carte Blog hits a roadblock when she tries to get more information about the inaugural World Travel Green Awards to be held later this month.

Chris from new folding bikes tells us about the UK Cycle to Work Scheme, a scheme which is aimed at encouraging more people to commute to work on a bicycle. Under this scheme an employee can apply for up to a £1000 voucher to purchase a bike and accessories and use it at a participating bike shop

Shane Sakata from The Tokyo Traveler reports on the Tokyo International Film Festival, saying, “The 2008 Tokyo International Film Festival has a green theme this year with a slogan of “Action! for Earth”. In keeping with the theme, the event will offer special screenings of films on the subject of ecological awareness.”

Susan Forshner from transient travels writes about how sustainable, whale-tourism gets profitable, saying, “In addition to highlighting the efforts of the Whale Center of New England, this post points out the NRDC’s fight to protect whales from the Navy’s deadly sonar system in Southern California and the campaign is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

And to sum it all up, Jennifer Moore Stahlkrantz from Galavanting Online Women’s Travel Magazine gives us the Green Checklist, a list of 20 simple travel suggestions that won’t hamper your trip, but will make you and the planet healthier.

That’s it for this edition of the Green Travel Carnival

The next one will be back at Traveling the Green Way in two weeks time.

Look forward to seeing you there.

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