Carnival of Cities for 23 July 2008

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Update: many of the links are now broken – as of July 2015 – and we couldn’t find them again, so if something looks like it should be linked but isn’t, that is why.

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Cities in the Americas

Washington, DC, USA   Jon Rochetti gives some background about V-Mail for Victory at the National Postal Museum at The DC Traveler – Washington DC travel & tourism information, saying, “During World War II, V-Mail or Photomail was used to cheaply transfer letters from soldiers to home. Now, the National Postal Museum has an exhibit of V-Mail samples and how it all worked.”

New York, New York, USA   GrrlScientist presents My First Serious Job Offer in Literally Years (and it’s not at all what you’d think) on her blog Living the Scientific Life, saying, “Once upon a time, on a bright sunny morning in NYC….”

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA   Nick did some research into Most and Least Walker Friendly Cities: Rankings at the EcoFuss Green News blog, noting that “Minneapolis is crowned as the most walkable city, based on recent rankings that score the walkability of top US cities.”

San Diego, California, USA   amanda s says that although the service is spotty and the wait tends to be long, Sushi Deli One and Two are good spots to try. She writes Staying Classy in San Diego, Local’s Guide for Things To Do.

Chicago, Illinois, USA   Ms. Smarty Pants presents An Almost Free Summer Tuesday in Chicago because, as we know, Ms. Smarty Pants Know It All.  🙂  I particularly like her free concert ideas.

Houston, Texas, USA   I wrote this post about spending time with my son at the Houston Children’s Museum over on the Family Travel blog.

Buenos Aires, Argentina   Michael tells us how the young girls go for the glitter in his post How to Be Barbie for a Day: The Opening of the Casa de Barbie at his blog Michael Emilio.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA   Liz Lewis writes about Green Eating: Boston Restaurants (with a bonus video on using restaurant fryer oil to power a truck) on her blog Traveling the Green Way.

San Luis Obispo, California, USA   Beth Blair, one of the four rip-roaring Traveling Mamas, covers a lot of bases in Family Fun: San Luis Obispo.

Chicago, Illinois, USA   James Hills presents Rock & Roll, Video Games and Uber Chic? It’s Hotel Sax Chicago!  It was a fun read (he says, “This is an awesome Chicago hotel … perfect for mancations”) but what’s up with that photo of the hotel lobby – do guys really like decorating in Modified Brothel?!  James writes Man Tripping – Guy’s Getaways and Mancations.

Nancy Brown presents Carmel Revealed: A Local’s Perspective posted at the Uptake Blog, saying, “While I don’t live in Carmel yet…this is where I’d like to live, eventually.” Well, after reading her post, who wouldn’t?

Cities in Europe

Dublin, Ireland   Sean has all the details on the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin, posted at My Secret Ireland.

Liverpool, United Kingdom   Naomi presents Liverpool Celebrates Beatles Day (and gets some Russian Beatles fans in the comments) on her blog Diary From England.

Bojnice, Slovakia   Karen Bryan is certain that Slovakia’s Bojnice Castle beats Cinderella and she explains why on her excellent Europe A La Carte Blog, saying, “Bojnice Castle in Slovakia is the archetypical fairy tale castle.”

Multiple Cities But I Loved It Anyway

City Bookstores   ivanisko presents the Top 5: Central Europe at the unique Bookstore Guide, saying, “These are our top 5 bookstores selling books in English in Central Europe. The cities on this list include Budapest, Bratislava, Prague and Krakow and their local bookstores we like the best.”

That concludes this edition, and thanks for visiting.

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