The Remarkable Photo Contest

Do you have a flair for taking unusual and striking travel photos? Do the too-perfect fashion, food, and hotel lobby shots in the typical glossy travel mag make you yawn?

Then head over to the just-announced Remarkable Photo Contest at Perceptive Travel. We are going to be giving away a bunch of prizes, including the LowePro CompuDaypack bag pictured here–a $70 value. Also up for grabs are a $50 gift certificate, your choice of a Perceptive Travel shirt, and (ahem) my new book co-authored with Rob Sangster called Traveler’s Tool Kit: Mexico and Central America.

Last year’s contest garnered around 50 entries. Follow this link for the great photos that won. We will probably get more this time since our audience is now bigger and that contest was only focused on Asia. Still, we don’t exactly have National Geographic‘s readership, so your odds are pretty good.

What are we and the judges looking for? Not the same ole same old, that’s for sure. Wow us, surprise us, give us an image that will sear itself into our brains and still be there two years from now. Send something that will make us stop multi-tasking and actually focus on the screen for more than two seconds. In short, a digital photograph that is…remarkable.

A max of two entries per person. See the announcement for the short and sweet rules.

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