PT Travel Linkfest 03.24.2008

Update: many of the links are now broken – as of July 2015 – and we couldn’t find them again, so if something looks like it should be linked but isn’t, that is why.

Here is this week’s collection of good travel info from around the Web and around the globe:

** What’s new in the countries formerly behind the Iron Curtain? (Remember it? If not, read Around the Bloc.)

** Unique watery travel: good (brrrr) surfing in Britain and Ireland, and unusual diving spots in Texas.

** Get creative with mosaic-making in Venice, awesome art hotels or enjoy a major new quilt collection acquisition.

** For the road warriors:

** The Open Skies agreement will open up options for US-Europe transatlantic air travel. If you’re going to Europe, check out the latest from Rick Steves about what’s new this year in major European tourist destinations.

** A true “reach” travel destination: North Korea

** Updates from the big city:

** NOT the big city:

** OK, all the maple leaf’d experts, leave a comment with your favorite European-like place in Canada.

** Finally, I’m hosting the Carnival of Cities over at Family Travel this week. You are invited to send in your (one) blog post about any aspect of any city by noon Central time on Tuesday, March 25th. Please keep it on topic and not spammy or overly commercial, and use the simple submission form on the main Blog Carnival site. Thanks!

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