Here are this week’s travel tips and links round-up, sorted by continent for easier surfing:

North and South America

**  How about the excitement of bullfighting without the gore?  You can find it during a weekend at California’s Academy of Tauromaquia, or bullfighting school.

**  Someday I’m going to see it in person:  Carnival in Brazil.   Or I could check out couchsurfing and doing the tango in Uruguay, like the 4-Hour Workweek guy Tim Ferriss.

**  Now this is how you live the dream – Bruce Smith blogs about cruising the Caribbean, with an emphasis on great beach bars.

**  Hard to believe, but spring is coming, so I wrote a short article for about great US botanical gardens for kids (and grown-ups, too.)

**  Cruising, fly-fishing and generally having a blast (with a few exceptions) in Chile.

**  One of the best design schools in the US is the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in Providence, RI, and you can even shop for artsy goodies in their school store.  I have my own 10 reasons to visit Rhode Island.

**  If you’re stuck in a plane on a New York state tarmac for hours, you now have a few rights thanks to a just-passed law. 

**  Visit Portland, Oregon for book heaven – the Heathman Hotel’s lending library for guests.

Asia and Australia

**  To go or not to go?  Thoughts from the UK’s Guardian on visiting Burma and who is really hurt by a travel boycott.

**  The Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre just opened in New Zealand (here on the PT Blog, Antonia had some thoughts about Hillary and how he inspired all of us to do more than just travel.) They probably won’t hang any bras or underwear on the building, though.

**  A photography enthusiast?  You should check out our man Steve Davey here at the PT Blog, or you can go on one of Ewen Bell’s in-depth photography tours in China, India, Thailand or his Silk Road tour.  Wow.


**  Thoughts on the volatile situation in Kenya: 


**  Smarter Travel brings us how to be a fashionista in Paris without high prices.  While you’re there, check out this unique tour that highlights the special relationship between African-Americans and Paris.  Gaping Void cartoonist Hugh MacLeod nails it with his recent cartoon about the artist’s life in Paris.

**  What fun: brewery hopping in the Czech Republic.

**  Are you a fan of the new Sweeney Todd movie?  TimeOut and Warner Brothers have put together a free downloadable Sweeney Todd’s London audiowalk.


**  We had a couple of posts featured in recent editions of blog carnivals.

**  From GadlingHire a local to be your travel buddy.  Not available in all cities, but you can often find a variation, like the Big Apple Greeters in New York or Cicerones de Buenos Aires.

**  Fodor’s uncovers some cool art hotels around the world, including one in San Francisco that I may have a chance to enjoy during the BlogHer 2008 blogger’s conference in July.

**  The American Red Cross Safe and Well program can help you keep loved ones informed of your status in case of emergency.  Hat tip to Lifehacker.

**  Wow, hostels are opening that aren’t backpacker dumps!  Of course, if you do end up on the hostel circuit, don’t miss Leif Pettersen’s hilarious Definitive Guide to Hostel Etiquette, which includes #5: “Do not have loud sex in the room while everyone is asleep and if you do, don’t get mad and demand “privacy” when the rest of us sit up and bemusedly watch.”

**  Finally, the UK’s Times Online lists four cities that “do winter properly:” Boston, St. Petersburg, Stockholm and Vilnius.  What, nothing south of the equator?

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