The New York Times gets jet-lagged for the holidays

Just specially for the month of December, the New York Times has launched a new travel blog titled Jet Lagged: Navigating the Unfriendly Skies. Among several talented writers addressing the issues facing air travelers are the inestimable Pico Iyer, Ask the Pilot blogger and pilot Patrick Smith, and airline executive Michael J. Boyd.

This week, Iyer breaks down the myths about the golden age of air travel, saying, “I wonder if it isn’t really the democracy of travel that many of us are objecting to these days when we speak of more crowded planes and long lines at the airport. In my parents’ youth, after all, plane travel was a thing for the rich few. Starbucks outlets in the terminal; e-mail at 30,000 feet; frequent-flier programs that allow you, as I have done, to fly free to Easter Island, Paris and Cambodia: What is it, exactly, that makes us think that we should complain about sitting in a seat and being taken around the world?” And pilot Patrick Smith, revising some of his Ask the Pilot themes, lays down the real reasons for increased airline delays and why they aren’t going to get any better.

Keep up with Jet Lagged’s regular December postings for your holiday cheer.

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