Link TV’s Top World Music Videos, 2007

Thanks to Perceptive Travel editor Tim Leffel for this link to Link TV’s announcement of its top world music videos of 2007.

Link’s chosen music videos swing through Chile, Russia, Spain, France, Iran, and many other countries in between. And they’re not just pulling these winners out of a hat. The Link TV website, which dubs itself “Television Without Borders,” has been featured in Rolling Stone for its top-notch collection of new and cutting edge world music videos. The director of music and cultural programming, Steven Lawrence, used to be a producer at MTV, and is now bringing his music know-how to the Internet’s world music community. The site features weekly specials and collections of new music videos, as well as interviews with and documentaries about traditional and avant-garde musicians around the world.

Check out this link, where Michal Shapiro, Associate Director of Music Programming, discusses the cornucopia of world music documentaries available for viewing during the US’s Thanksgiving holiday week. And while you’re there, head to Link’s main Web page to get the full experience of Link’s worldwide news reports, documentaries, and current discussions. In an online world of cacophonic blogs and shrill pundits on TV, Link is carving out a niche where people who care about world news and world culture can find out what’s really going on.

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