PT’s Travel Link-o-Rama

First, a few words from our blog carnival buds:

**  Thanks for including our New England Church Supper post in the very-cool Carnival of Travelers hosted by Renaissance woman Mary Jo Manzanares on her Fly Away Cafe travel blog.  She’s collected food/beverage posts from across cuisines and across the world, including candy bars,  Thanksgiving turkeys, even eating grasshoppers in Mexico.

**  The Nov 5 edition of the Carnival of Cities was hosted by Argentina’s Travel Guide, and they featured our post about New Mexico’s Bandelier National Monument.  At the Carnival I also had fun learning about Friday night kayaking in Brisbane, Australia and a wild marsh right in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Now, I’d like to highlight an article in the new issue of Perceptive Travel, our online magazine parent pub;  gadabout author Leif Pettersen’s piece on the Jugglers Rest youth hostel in Picton, New Zealand. Stay there to both feel welcome in a cozy place and also learn to keep those balls in the air.

This sort of unusual, unique and distinctive lodging is one of the great things about PT — you’ll find things here that you won’t find anywhere else.  It’s “anywhere else’s” loss!  If you want more Leif, he’s currently ranting about both Burma and Minneapolis/St Paul after already covering Romania.  That boy does get around….

Finally, remember when PT blog wrote about 6 ways travelers can use social media?  Well, I’m terribly jealous of writer Stephen Hartshorne over at GoNOMAD, because he just went on a press trip to “New Holland” in Second Life, sponsored by the real-life Dutch Tourist Board.  He reports back from over the cyber line, pictures and all.

Hey, I wanna go….!

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