Congratulations go out to Darrin Duford, who just won second prize for Best Travel Book from the Society of America Travel Writers, for his book Is There a Hole in the Boat? Duford has contributed two great articles to Perceptive Travel: Coup in a Cup and The Peanut Fiends of Guayaquil. He’s a talented writer and I’m thrilled to see him get this recognition. Nice one!

And a side note for those snobby reviewers who think a book can’t be good unless it’s put out by a traditional megacorporation publisher. This is a print-on-demand title published by Booklocker. (They also publish my book The World’s Cheapest Destinations, which hasn’t done too badly either…)

Congrats also to Perceptive Travel writer Rolf Potts who added another notch to his awards belt and to the guys at World Hum, who won a best travel site award.

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Tim Leffel is author of five travel books, including Travel Writing 2.0, and A Better Life for Half the Price, on living abroad. He is editor of Perceptive Travel webzine and this blog. He splits his time between Guanajuato, Mexico and Tampa Bay. See his writing portfolio, awards, and links to his books at